Baking Equations: Physics-Themed Cupcakes

August 9, 2011


This is a small series of physics (NOT chemistry) themed cupcakes created by a young baker to celebrate their last day of high school physics class. Me? I skipped school and went to the bong store, then drank Mad Dog 20/20's in a public park with a couple of my bros from show choir. So yeah, physics themed cupcakes -- there's only one thing better: an entire physics themed CAKE cake. Get it? Because it's so much bigger. And bigger always = better when you're as fat as I am.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the black-hole one. "I'm going to eat you now, planets!" "Oh no, please don't eat us!" "TOO BAD, GOBBLE GOBBLE!"


physics cupcakes [quaint_idea's livejournal]

Thanks to Ashton, who made a series of literature themed cupcakes for her last high school English class but accidentally left them on the bus and I ate them all. Hey -- finder's keepers! (I ate your sack lunch too)

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