Bad Hair Day: 40K Watts Of Bass To The Face

August 18, 2011


Bass like low frequency sound NOT bass like smallmouth and largemouth. Nobody wants 40K of those in their face. "Schpeeak for yourshellf." GOD -- GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE, GOLLUM! This is a woman subjecting her head to 40,000 watts of BASS TO THE FACE. The video reminded me of how your hair stands on end when you touch one of those big electric metal balls at the the science museum. What are those called? "Magneto's?" Yes -- THOSE.

Hit the jump for 40-seconds of hair-raising permanent damage.

40,000 Watts of MEGA Bass Blast Girls Hair Off Her Freakin Head [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who once took 40,000 watts to the dangle-down and can now piss drum & bass beats.

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