Other 'Arkham City' Bat Costumes Revealed

August 3, 2011


Batman: Arkham City -- everyone's got a bat-boner about it. And rightfully so, the first game was the shit minus that 'combat challenges' part which made me ragequit and scream at my television for like a week straight. And here are all the alternative Batman costumes, each of which is obtained by pre-ordering the game from a different store (and one from buying the collector's edition). A breakdown, from left to right on the bottom:

Batman Beyond: UK Gamestop or NZ's MightyApe, no word on US distribution yet.
Dark Knight Returns: buy the collector's edition
Batman Earth One: NZ's MightyApe. No word on US distribution
70's Batman: pre-order from Toys R Us or UK's Shopto.net
Animated Series: pre-order from New Zealand's MightyApe, no word on US distribution
Regular Batman: buy the game from anywhere or download it illegally
Robin (unshown): pre-order from Best Buy

Pissed because you want them all? Don't worry, apparently they'll all be available as both XBox and PS3 DLC eventually. "Or will they be?" GAH -- CURSE YOU, RIDDLER! No but for real though, they will be -- or my name isn't Harvey Dent.

"Batman: Arkham City" Collector's Edition Details Leak [comicbookresources]
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Thanks to Dom S. and laurie, who tried to tell me I could get an Aquaman costume if I pre-ordered from the pet store but then when I called Petsmart they just f***ing laughed at me. :/

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