Another Day, Another Plan For A Space Hotel

August 16, 2011


So we've already heard about Intergalactic Suites, the space hotel that's supposed to open NEXT YEAR, but here comes another one. This time from Russia. With love? Probably not, but hopefully with escape pod.

Called the CSS (Commercial Space Station) it will be built 217 miles above the earth and accessed via Russian Soyuz rockets.

While the price may not seem too astronomical, with initial claims suggesting the a five-day stay may cost around £100,000 (~$164K), it's going to cost a cool £250,000 (~$411K) to get there.

With room for seven guests in four cabins, visitors to the 706 cubic feet pod will be able to see the wonders of space through huge windows.

'The hotel will be aimed at wealthy individuals and people working for private companies who want to do research in space.'

The hotel is supposed to be open for business by 2016, but in space-construction time that means like 2025. Also: $600K for a five-day stay? That's...pretty steep. Especially since I'll get claustrophobic in the first hour and end up jumping out an airlock. "You don't jump out an airlock dummy, you get sucked out -- space is a vacuum." Is it? Then why hasn't it picked up earth? Haha, stop hitting me!

Hit the jump for bunch more pics of the damn rich people.







Room with an intergalactic view: Russian firm reveals plans for space hotel (but you might need a good book) [dailymail]

Thanks to Brook, who's spent the night in space (camp) and said it was just okay. Just okay?! You know you loved it!

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