R2-D2 Crash Helmet: Please Tell Me You Made That To Get Shot Out Of A Cannon

August 23, 2011


This is a homemade R2-D2 crash helmet lovingly constructed by artist Jenn Hall. However she is not REQUIRED to wear it, so don't ask her if she licks bus windows (trust me, she took offense when I did).

Tell me a little bit more about that sweet R2D2 helmet you've got. How did you make it? Did you start off with some sort of simple one and paint it?

Initially, it was the ugly duckling of helmets. It looked pretty jacked up before I did my fairy godmother thing to it. It was an odd, dark maroon color and it had been used as a rental helmet, so it had sustained damage over time. Long story short, I did a lot of spray painting and clear coating.

Okay, I want that. And not just so I can recreate the scene where R2 gets spit out by the Dagobah dragonsnake swamp-monster, BUT HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? "Like a 6 out of 10." Jesus, that's it?! Well I'm not gonna do it if it's less than a 7. "Is there a chance you'll die?" Haha, a HUUUUGE one. "It's an 11." Awesome -- ready my cannon.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of Jenn modeling the helmet and a link to her personal art page.






Jenn's Website
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Thanks to Margie, who made a crash helmet out of tostadas and wound up with 16-stitches after trying to jump over a 2x4 on her brother's bike. And to toogeekyforyou, who I can only handle in small doses because he is like, waaaaaay too f***ing geeky for this guy.

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