Owl Flying At Your Face In Slow-Motion HD

August 11, 2011



Ever wanted to see an eagle-owl coming straight at your face in slow motion and high definition? Well you can mark that shit off your bucket list (unless you'll only settle for IRL) because this is exactly that! Or -- OR -- is it ten seconds of eagle-owl coming at your face spliced with a 30-second commercial for panty liners? You won't know till you watch! Wow, the anticipation in this room is palpable. Jk jk, it's the BO. Somebody f***ing stinks.

Hit the jump for the most beautiful and terrifying thing you'll see all day this hour.

Slow-Motion Eagle-Owl Landing: Remarkable Video Shows Animal In Flight [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to bb, who knows exactly what it's like to make love like an eagle falling out of the sky because we've done it before.

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