Adult Diapers No More!: Mice Successfully Receive Artificial B-Hole Replacements

August 15, 2011


Bro you keep eating like that and you're gonna need TWO b-holes.

In an early step to fight incontinence (read: shitting yourself) scientists have successfully replaced multiple mice sphincters with functional, lab grown ones. The hope is that one day the technology can be scaled up to humans so that old people don't squish around and smell so bad.

The spare-part sphincters were made with some human cells, but have been implanted only in mice so far. Researchers made them by growing donated smooth muscle cells from human sphincters alongside gut nerve cells from mice in circular moulds.

By testing the replacement sphincter with electric shocks and chemicals, Bitar's team made sure that it contracts and relaxes as a normal sphincter does to keep gut contents in or let them out.

I can see it now:

"Hey honey -- how was work?"
"Great, we successfully replaced a mouse's asshole with a fake one. It can clench up and everything -- what's for dinner?"
"I just had vomit."

Artificial anal sphincter could limit bowel incontinence [newscientist]

Thanks to sphincterboy97, who may or may yes be a giant a-hole (see what I did there?!).

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