'$5M 1 Terabyte' Art Piece Just A Hard Drive Packed With $5M Of Illegal Downloads

August 24, 2011


This is an art piece (and I use the term "art" as loose as the lips that sink ships) entitled '5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte' that consists of, you guessed it! -- $5 million worth of illegally downloaded files on a 1-terrabyte hard drive. Wow, if art isn't dead now, it at least has some bad sectors. HIYO -- shitty disk drive humor!

Accompanying the $5 million piece of evidence art is a PDF file that lists all the illegally obtained software that's been stuffed into the hard drive, complete with shortened (TinyURL) links. A sample of what's on there includes $3 million worth of fiction books from 2003 to 2011, a science textbook collection worth half a million dollars, 124GB of copyrighted music, fonts, Adobe software, various game system ROMs, and more. The hyperlinks mostly reference pages on The Pirate Bay and MegaUploads, with a few other torrent sites littering the list.

Pfft -- $3 million in fiction novels and another half mill in science textbooks? That is some of the saddest pirating I've ever heard of. Right up there with the crew that buried their treasure in a playground sandbox. Even I probably have at least a $1-million piece of "art", except it's actually filled with good stuff. Get it?! IT'S CALLED MY OLD LAPTOP. Totally a Picasso. Lots of imagery going on.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots if you're struggling with the idea of an external hard drive on a pedestal.



Official Website or something
Dude Downloads $5 Million of Stolen Software to 1TB Hard Drive for Art Exhibit [maximumpc]

Thanks to Charlie, who has like a $10-million hard drive hidden in a cut-out section of his space foam mattress. Smart.

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