45 Years Ago Today: Earth From The Moon

August 23, 2011


Note: Full res version HERE and original image prior to the Lunar Orbiter Image Reprocessing Project HERE.

This is the photo taken 45-years ago today when Lunar Orbiter 1, tasked with locating a suitable landing zone for the future Apollo missions, turned around and took a picture of earth from the moon. Damn, we've come a long way in the last 45 years, haven't we? No, and we just recently committed to never going back again. And you know what? That's fine with me. Just don't get all pissy when you look through your tele-laserscope or whatever and realize the American flag's been replaced with a Geekologietopia one. HA -- like there was ever an American one up there in the first place. Back me up, Grandma. "I wet my pants." Dammit nana, I told you to stop smoking all my weed! That shit is waaaaaay too strong for a 200-year old. Which reminds me...are you a witch?

45 Years Ago, NASA Took the First Image of Earth from the Moon [geekosystem]

Thanks to D. Krauss, who's been to the moon and claims it's a lot rockier and a lot less cheesy than you'd think. WELL I AM DISAPPOINT.

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