$350 Nonfunctional Computer Part Sandals

August 9, 2011


This is a pair of $350 "data sandals" by Etsy seller PCB Creations, whose specialty is creating art out of printed circuitboards and other discarded computer pieces. OMG -- make me a computer monitor space helmet!

Its summer and time to show off a unique pair of Data Sandals, these were fashioned from PC mother boards, ribbon wire and a host of other electronic components all put together to make these highly detailed and one of a kind Sandals. You're going to enjoy just staring at these for hours.

On the scale of things I'd actually enjoy staring at for hours (with some fine ass yam-yams being an 11, crying baby a 0), computer-part sandals are actually pretty low on the list. Like a 2, tops. Still, worlds better than watching a dog drag its ass on the carpet. *ahem* I said, "still, worlds better than watching a dog drag its ass on the carpet." DAMMIT CHLOE, PAY ATTENTION!

PCB Creation's Etsy Store (with several other art pieces and circuitboard covered journals)
Geeky 'Sandals' Are Made from PC Motherboards [discovery]

Thanks to turtlebone, who noted, "step on a crack, break your mother(board)'s back", effectively making my job a lot easier. Thanks for that brobro.

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