Your Parents Want To Spy On Your Facebook

July 22, 2011


Parents: they want to know what you're doing. Sometimes because they're worried you've gotten into drugs and loose women, other times because they just love you and you don't call often enough. Basically, 55% of parents admit to spying on their children via Facebook, another 40% lie about doing it, and 5% think computers are televisions with super complicated remotes. For shame, parents. If you want to know what your kids are up to, you need to have a frank and earnest conversation with them. Here, watch and take note. Lil GW -- what are you into these days? "Twilight." See? Piece of ca-- WHAT THE F*** DID YOU JUST SAY?!

More Than Half of Parents Use Facebook to Spy on Kids [laptopmag]

Thanks to Christy, who uses Facebook for what is was originally intended: verifying all the people that were mean to you in middle school are now fat and ugly and live terrible lives.

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