You'll Never Woo Me!: Robot Mouth Can "Sing"

July 13, 2011


Seen here looking way too much like a gaping b-hole to not be made out of a pig's rectum (just like hotdogs!), a robotic mouth (NOT armpit) developed at Kagawa University in (you'll never guess!) Japan belts out a ditty for the camera. It's the latest incarnation of this same robot mentioned last year, it just sings now. And I'm using the term "sings" very, VERY loosely. *ahem* Ke$ha/Katy Perry/Justin Beiber/etc. etc. I've heard dog farts with more talent, girls.

It's based as closely as possible on a human mouth, complete with an air pump for lungs, eight fake vocal cords, a silicon tongue, and even a nasal resonance cavity that opens and closes. Using a microphone, the mouth can listen to itself speak (or whatever you want to call it) and analyze what it hears to try to figure out how to be more understandable and less, you know, borderline nightmarish.

Oh man, you know what's even better than a robotic mouth that can sing? ONE THAT SHUTS THE F*** UP AND DIES ALREADY, AMIRITE GUYS?! Anything. I'd rather be towed behind a car on bare buttcheeks by the wiener, that's how serious I am.

Hit the jump for two videos, the first of the mouth making your ears bleed (read: a Billboard Top 40 waiting to happen), the second of a guy talking about the technology.

Freaky Robot Mouth Learns to Sing [ieee.spectrum]

Thanks to Ad, who agrees there's enough automated robots in the music industry as it is.

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