Well It's About Time!: Titanium Drinking Straws

July 21, 2011


This is a $15 titanium drinking straw from ThinkGeek. While I do appreciate the effort to make it partially bent, it's rigid so it's not an actual bendy straw. Which is exactly why I just started manufacturing them out of lead. See -- it's malleable! "Tell me you're joking." Joking -- about what, malleability?! Obviously you don't know anything about lead.

Hit the jump for one more shot in the style of 'Viva la sipping revolucion!' and a product demo of a bunch of citrus fruit and beer cans getting stabbed with the thing.


ThinkGeek Product Site
Titanium Drinking Straws Laugh In the Face of Plastic Straws [technabob]

Thanks to clizz-nasty, whose name has the word nasty in it. Never a good sign.

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