WAAAAAAAOOW!!: Son Takes Mom Around Racetrack In A Corvette Z06, Hilarity Ensues

July 15, 2011


This is a 12-minute video of a guy racing his mom around the Laguna Seca raceway in his 2006 Corvette Z06. It's a good time. Especially if your idea of a good time is elderly women screaming their faces off, which is exactly why I never miss a Tom Jones concert. I HAVE SEEN GRANNIES TAKE OFF AND THROW THEIR PANTIES BEFORE. Let's see -- what else? I guess that's about it. Unless you want to keep talking about taking moms for a ride, in which case tell yours I'll pick her up at eight. I'll be the one in the bright-ass yellow car. The cab, tell her I'll be the one in the cab. Hope she likes canned beer!

Hit the jump for the most exciting ride of mom's life, and feel free to skip around but the end is cute because when they're pulling in she's all, "Did we win? We won! We got first place!" and screaming out the window at random heads.

Watch freaked out mom get tossed around track by Corvette-driving son [jalopnik]

Thanks to Leftover, who I will still eat even if he's sat in the refrigerator uncovered for two days.

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