'Window To The World' Toyota Car Concept

July 19, 2011


This is a 3-minute video mock-up of Toyota's futuristic 'Window to the World' concept. Basically it's a "smart" car window that allows a passenger to draw on it, display information (name, distance, etc.) about objects you're passing, and even zoom in on them. Admittedly, it does seem pretty cool, but mostly just for a child. Adults would all be too busy with their noses in smartphones. Except me. I'd be drawing comical genitals on everyone we passed, leaving no wiener untouched. "Uh GW? You might want to rephrase that." Leaving no ding-dong untouched.

Hit the jump and skip around. Oooooooor don't watch it at all, I'm not on Toyota's payroll. Although I should be. Just sayin': armrest slushy machines. Consider that my résumé.

Toyota offers back-seat passengers a new Window to the World [autoblog]

Thanks to Kc, who won't hesitate to draw a big ol' shlizzle on your windshield in the morning dew.

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