Tokyoflash's Latest: Telling Time With Words

July 6, 2011


Words: they'll never hurt me like sticks and stones. And, okay, the stove. But now you can tell time wif dem! And Tokyoflash's latest, the Kisai Kaidoku, does just that. It's the second fan design submitted to Tokyoflash's Design Challenge blog to become reality (the first being the RPM) and was conceptualized by a 15-year old. I wasn't conceptualizing anything at 15 except what a tit might feel like! (In my mind, a balloon filled with pizza dough)

Available in black with a blue LCD display or silver with a blue, green or purple LCD display, Kisai Kaidoku is 'always on' and has time, date, alarm and an EL backlight. It is available for a limited time release price of $119 (€82, £72) until 11:30am Friday July 8th (Japan time).

Well -- you guys like this one? If you like it I might be able to get my hands on some to give away in a contest. And by hands I mean wrists, because that's where you're supposed to wear a watch. NOT on your penis. *AHEM* I'm looking at you, Mr. AskMeWhatTimeItIs!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, a video, and another link to the product page.




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