The Latest And Greatest Landmine Detonator

July 21, 2011


This is the remote-controlled Digger D-3 "flail tank". It's the latest and greatest (read: explosive-proof) of Digger mine-detonators, which have been around since WWII. Basically, it's steered around on the battlefield like a giant R/C car tank while it wails on the ground with a rotating drum of 10-pound hammers on chains, setting off anything explosive it comes in contact with. God what I'd give to drive that thing around town.

The ten pound hammers spin wildly on the bar, digging up to 8 inches into the dirt as they strike. Heavy armor protects the tank if a mine explodes, and any damage to the hammers or chains is easily repaired in the field.

I love it. Granted I'm sure we could invent some sort of robotic mine detector or an orbiting satellite that could locate and detonate land mines from space with a powerful laser beam, but I miss the the good old days when the answer to everything was "just beat the shit out of it." *eying mangled printer* Haha, you know what I'm talkin' about!

Hit the jump for a video of the D-3's predecessor (cleverly named the D-2), in action.

This robo-tank whacks landmines into submission [dvice]

Thanks to Kevin, who detonates land mines the old fashioned way: by losing a leg. Yeah, about that.

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