The Future Is Now: Peelable Banana Popsicles

July 18, 2011


This just makes me so happy. Granted they've probably been out for years because Asian novelty snack foods are like 200 years advanced, but damn -- it's a peelable banana popsicle! As far as I can tell, there's really only a single flaw with the design: the fact that they're banana flavored. Nine out of ten banana flavored things taste like two buttholes sewn together, and the other one time you're actually eating a f***ing banana. *reads article* Okaaaaaaaay, turns out they're actually grape and vanilla flavored. What the-- but in the shape of a banana?! That's just too much for my simple mind to comprehend. *brain freezes* Get it? I ate my banana-pop too fast!

Futuristic Frozen Treat of the Day []

Thanks to caprice, who won't scream for ice cream, but will stab you for it.

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