The End Is Nigh: Autonomous Swarm-bots Build Landing Platform For Quadrocopter

July 28, 2011


Combing the power of swarm-bots and quadrocopters -- what could possibly go wrong? SPOILER: For humanity? Everything. And now autonomous swarm-bots are capable of producing a mobile landing platform for quadrocopters with no communication with each other or the copter. WTF! I can't even pull into a parking space without taking somebody's mirror off! Jk jk, I'd never do that. *hopes the guy in my apartment building with the blue Mazda isn't reading this*

Hit the jump for the video of the 'you are clear for landing' in action.

Khepera swarm robots learn to build a mobile quadrocopter landing platform [engadget]

Thanks to Joey, who agrees if a MANNED vehicle ever tries landing on a group of autonomous swarm-bots they'll probably move out of the way at the last second and leave you to crash and burn. Awesome.

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