That's All She Wrote: The Last Shuttle Launch

July 8, 2011


Well folks, that was that. When Atlantis reached for the stars this morning at 11:29 EST, it marked the last launch of NASA's 30-year shuttle program. *tearing open a freeze-dried ice cream in remembrance*

The breathtaking final launch of the space shuttle Atlantis was captured in an incredible photo snapped from an airborne training aircraft NASA uses to teach astronauts how to fly the winged spaceship [but will now be strictly for joyriding]

The flight is the final voyage of NASA's space shuttle program.

"Jesus, GW -- are you f***ing CRYING?" *sniff* You wouldn't understand -- I went to Space Camp TWICE.

Striking NASA Photo Shows Last Shuttle Launch From Above [space]

Thanks to Kevin, slayer and Julie, who encourage you all to reach for the stars. Even if you don't make it, you might melt a couple fingers off and be able to collect disability. OH COME ON -- WTF, GUYS?!

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