That Looks...Better Than Half The Stuff In Theaters: A Gorilla With A Video Camera

July 13, 2011


Time for my closeup!

I swear, actors: so vain. This is a video created by giving a gorilla a video camera in a special Kong-proof box. It's very similar in style to the BBC's Chimpcam series, except instead of chimps it's gorillas. I swear, somebody comes up with one good idea and everyone runs with it. Hey, that's what makes the world go round though, amirite? Kidding, I think it's magnets or something.

Hit the jump for a minute and a half of suck it, Michael Bay -- your ass shouldn't be directing anything but traffic!

Gorilla is given a video camera, awesomeness ensues [io9]

Thanks to Gabrielle and berlex, who came up with the idea to give gorillas flamethrowers and let them into the hippopotamus den.

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