Surprise!: Samsung-Funded Study Indicates 3-D Content Causes Eye Strain, Fatigue

July 25, 2011


In news that shouldn't surprise anyone who agrees there's never enough research into the long term effects of new technologies (ahem, microwaves) before they're implemented, a recent study funded by Samsung indicates 3-D content causes eye fatigue and strain. Wow, didn't see that one coming. Get it? 3-D f***ed my eyes up!

A group of researchers from the University of California-Berkeley found that when test subjects watched 3D displays, they reported more eye strain and fatigue and less vision clarity afterward than when they watched 2D video.

The disparity between the depth of the screen and the depth of the 3D image caused the most problems, though researchers also found the relationship between image depth and nearness of the screen also played a role in eye strain.

However, the study also means that 3D video that is more comfortably viewed in a movie theater is necessarily much more uncomfortable to look at when viewed in a living room.

Hey, I don't even like 3-D. I think that shit's stupid. Right up there with planking and your face. Jk jk, your face is actually pretty smart. Nose is a little big and your ears are crooked, but still. Thanks but no thanks, 3-D television, but I have enough eye problems already. As a child who grew up with a lazy eye and had to wear an eyepatch for almost the entirety of 2nd grade, I have to admit: I dressed up like a pirate and everything. I was one cool kid. Well, until 5th grade. Then I became the social pariah you know today.

Study: 3D video causes eye strain, fatigue [cnn]

Thanks to Debra, who likes her movies the old fashioned way: black & white and silent. Whoa whoa whoa, now that's a little too oldschool for me.

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