Real Friends Pee Together: Urinals For Ladies

July 19, 2011


Y'all about to soak y'alls damn jeans.

You know the main difference between men and women? Women will go to the bathroom together. But dudes? Dudes get pissed if you suggest sharing a stall or peep over the edge of a urinal divider. WTF MAN -- I THOUGHT WE WERE BROS! Enter the female urinal: because you're not real BFF's unless you know what each other's pee smells like (and hopefully not perpetually like asparagus, otherwise I'd seriously consider asking for the other half of that BFF heart necklace back).

Called the Pollee, it only exists in concept form but there's three different prototypes: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless and Pollee Naked. As you can imagine, each prototype gets more and more revealing with less and less wall coverings. The general design is a four prong urinal where four girls can pee in an open-air, touch free toilet at the same time (teamwork!). Walls are put up to protect anyone from getting a peek at the next person's goodies.

Goodies?! Goodies in the restroom aren't goodies. They're where -- God, I can't even say it. ♫ RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS, ICE CREAM CAKES AND COOKIE DOUGH, I SAID WOMEN DON'T USE THE BATHROOM, A-NO-NO-NO ♫

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the I have no idea.





A Urinal for Girls Could Help Us Reach Restroom Line Equality [gizmodo]

Thanks to joanne, Taki and Chester (COPPERPOT?!?!), who pee the way nature intended: in their pants. High-five since you don't have to wash your hands after!

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