Super Mario World/Earth Mashup Shirt

July 7, 2011


Wanna look as snazzy as Joe Cool here? Then you're gonna need to grab yourself a $20 'The Plumber's Empire' shirt from Go Ape. Ooooooooor throw on a pair of Wayfarers and grow a 10-o'clock shadow. As you can see unless you've blinded yourself with fireworks or playing with yourself, 'The Plumber's Empire' combines the iconic overworld from the SNES classic Super Mario World, with the iconic overworld of -- hold on to your tits -- earth. HEY -- I DIDN'T SAY LET GO YET. Now mash them together and make that duck face you're so good at.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups and a link to the product site where we can all go buy one, then wear them on the same day and high-five our asses off.



Product Site

Thanks to TubularTammy, who knows a shirt when she sees one and this is clearly not pants. Good eye.

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