Suicidal iPhone Survives Drop From 13,500-Ft

July 19, 2011


Jarrod McKinney, who was skydiving with an iPhone in his pocket (allegedly to be able to call somebody in case he landed in the wrong place, although I suspect he's the kind of person that always puts his cell phone on the dinner table set to loud), lost it at 13,500-ft and then used a GPS tracker to find it. It still worked. It didn't still look good, but it worked.

He found the gadget, its glass surfaces shattered, on top of a building about a half-mile away from where he landed with his parachute.

Joe Johnson, a skydiving instructor, said he and a few friends watched from the ground below the two-story building as McKinney raised the phone above his head in triumph after he located it using a GPS tracking app.

Mike Gikas, a tech editor at Consumer Reports, the nonprofit group that tests phones and other gadgets for their reliability, jokingly said that McKinney finally found a way to fix the phone's reception woes, by dropping it from a plane.

"That's the proved method for fixing the antenna problem," he said, laughing.

The iPhone had protective gear of its own -- an Incipio-brand phone case that was broken after the fall but still was on the phone.

Johnson, the skydiving instructor, was so impressed with the whole ordeal that he plans to pick up one of the phones sometime soon.

LOLOL! So many laughs to be had. SIKE! (PSYCH!, PSYCHE!), -- YOU COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEBODY, A-HOLE. You know what an iPhone falling from 13,500-ft feels like when it hits your head? Hell. Literally -- because you lived a bad life and now have to spend eternity impaled on Satan's rotisserie with an apple in your mouth. Dammit devil, you know I'm a pear kinda guy. "Yeah -- pear shaped!" Wow, you really are the king of all evil.

iPhone 4 survives fall from skydiver's pocket [cnn]

Thanks to comfort eagle, who, God, it's just so good to know you're here. *stroking tenderly*

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