Study: Early Humans And Neanderthals Sexed

July 19, 2011


Picture related: sexy-time.

One look at me and it may come as no surprise, but according to a recent study by an international team of scientists, there's even more evidence early humans and neanderthals made sweet, sweet love together (okay truthfully it probably wasn't that sweet, but still).

...a small part of the human X chromosome, which originates from Neanderthals, is present in about nine per cent of individuals from outside of Africa.

They found that many people from across all continents except for sub-Saharan Africa shared a piece of DNA called a haplotype with Neanderthals.

Labuda says this haplotype was most likely introduced to the human genome when modern humans were making their way out of Africa and settling in other parts of the planet.

He estimates "intimate contact" between humans and Neanderthals took place in the Middle East 50,000 to 70,000 years ago.

Interestingly, "intimate contact" between a human and a stuffed animal t-rex took place in the bedroom 12-14 hours ago. Coincidence? You be the judge. Unless you're gonna sweep my room with a blacklight to collect evidence in which case I'd like to opt out of that.

Humans, Neanderthals got it on [cbcnews] (props for using "got it on". I used that one in my previous article on the same subject)

Thanks to Matt G, whose ancestors were all powerful wizards. Jelly!

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