Special Edition Star Wars XBox & Kinect

July 22, 2011


and LucasArts just unveiled a limited edition Star Wars themed XBox/Kinect bundle (available December 31st, 2011, $450) at Comic-con because, hey, people will buy that. What they won't buy is that you're a human sent back from the future just because you had a hat embroidered with "Happy New Year 2021". Disappointing, I know.

The hardware includes a custom R2-D2-themed 320 GB Xbox 360 console, which features unique sounds from the Star Wars movies; a white Kinect sensor; and a gold C-3PO-themed Xbox 360 wireless controller.

The bundle will also include copies of "Kinect Adventures" and "Kinect Star Wars," which invites players into the Star Wars universe. The game will allow fans to physically experience Jedi training and wield the Force - and of course a lightsaber - right in their living room through controller-free gameplay.

I'm not gonna lie, I have always wanted to wield the Force. Also, a battle axe. But have I? Nooooooooooo, the blacksmith is always, "your arms are too weak" or "you'll cut your legs off".

Hit the jump for a shot of the shiny C-3PO inspired controller.


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Thanks to Christopher and RJ, who, I dunno, something about looking for certain droids.

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