Move Over, Smoking -- Lighting Can Kill Too, You Know?: The 4mm Zippo Spy Gun

July 26, 2011


Oh man, remember back during the Cold War when spies had guns hidden in pretty much everything? Me neither, WE WEREN'T EVEN BORN YET. But I have seen a lot of James Bond movies and my God is that one handsome spy. If he pressured me for information I'd tell him everything he wanted to know, plus others he didn't. James -- hey James -- I wanna wear your balls like a sleep mask. A product description:

4mm, the "Zippo" brand lighter, the firing mechanism disquised as a normal lighter, the barrel occupying the place of the wick, the flint striking wheel acting as the trigger. Sold together with faux Ronson flint dispenser containing 8 individual copper-cased 6mm cartridges.

Condition: Very good. Showing light wear and age patina. Ammunition mounted in yellow plastic dispenser [one round missing].

OH SHIT, ONE ROUND MISSING -- I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ACTUALLY F***ING WORKED!!!!11 Somebody for-really-real got assassinated! Oooooooor a chipped tooth. Either of which can ruin a smile.

Hit the jump for a couple more closeups.




Auction Site (where it sold for $6,810)
Just Imagine the Fun You'd Have With a 4mm Gun Hidden Inside a Zippo [gizmodo]

Thanks to sam and Charles H, who both have bow-tie cameras and use them to take pictures at celebrity dinner parties without looking like star-stalkers.

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