Smart: The Collapsible Keyring Shot Glass

July 28, 2011


If you haven't noticed because you don't read every day AND OUGHT TO BE PRETTY DAMN ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, the server decided to blow chunks late last night and the eight most recent articles are all over the floor by the toilet. Not sure if we're gonna be able to paper-towel them up and get them back into the tubes, but if not, I'll recreate them later tonight with the text from Google Reader. *whew* Moving on.

A collapsible keyring shot glass: because your car keys should definitely smell like hard liquor. The 1.7-oz stainless steel shot glass ($16) is perfect for the drinkers that think they're too classy to drink straight from the bottle, making them no friends of mine. Oh right Eric, you're soooooooo bourgeois. YOU'RE WEARING F***ING FLIP-FLOPS BRO.

Product Site
Collapsible Shot Glass for Emergency Drinking [geekextreme]

Thanks to Peter, who'd rather drink out of his hands. Been there, done that, didn't want to put my lips on the bottle because it was from a bum trading a sip for my spare change.

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