Shoot It In My Eyes!: Soda, Now In Spray-Cans

July 1, 2011


Um, all soda cans are spray cans if you shake them first.

Because tilting a can back/not poking your eyes out with a straw takes skill and dexterity that today's youth are lacking, soda is now available in spray-cans. Think spray-cheese, but then think soda. Then think both of them together day after day and you'll understand why I look the way I do. *BELCH*

It took a team of 40 researchers and developers to come up with this new soda delivery system, which apparently dispenses a product with a texture that's a cross between a soft drink and Reddi Wip. Yum?

To activate Turbo Tango, the packaging instructs users to "Hold upright and squirt in your mouth (and nowhere else)."

40 researchers that should be awfully f***ing ashamed of themselves aside, this shit sounds pretty pukey. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for having things sprayed in my mouth, I just don't know how I feel about this. Yes, yes I do: sticky. What?! I have bad aim!

Soda follows Cheez Whiz into spray cans [dvice]

Thanks to The Cook, who makes a mean cheesy-ramen.

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