Rudundant: Magic Emotion Emoticon Glasses

July 7, 2011


These conceptual (thank God) Magic Emotion glasses from thinker Yunfan Tan were designed to enhance the visual emotions of the wearer, that way THERE IS ZERO DOUBT whether somebody's sad or angry. You know, because it's hard to tell when somebody's crying or punching you in the head.

There is a new LED material called lightform that could be used on the glasses.

But the problem is how does the eyewear know your emotion. I imaged a kind of micro detector. It could detect your expression, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. to know your emotion.

I'm gonna be honest: you've never really had much of a poker-face so enhancing your facial expressions is just gonna be overkill. Besides, it's easy to tell how a person is feeling. And, if not, tie them to a chair and torture them till they tell you. SPOILER: It's usually 'scared'. Me? I'm easy to read -- I wear my heart on my sleeve. Also: a nametag that says 'HELLO MY NAME IS DINGLEBERRIES'.

Magic Emotion Concept Eyewear [behance]

Thanks to Alyson, who knows cool looking glasses when she sees them and they are NOT the ones you're wearing. It's true, you look ridiculous.

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