Pokemon Wedding Cake And 151 OG Figurines

July 6, 2011


This is a Pokemon cake and 151 original character figurines made for someone's special day. And by special day I mean marriage, just so we're not confused (in my mind you were thinking high school graduation).

People were literally FIGHTING over getting their favorite pokemon with their piece of cake but it was the most loved cake that everyone enjoyed. It is modeled off of the Super Smash Bros. pokemon stadium and Jessie (Musashi) and James (Kojiro) were the toppers.

Oh man, I've seen some fights break out at weddings before but I would literally pile-drive somebody's gramma into a folding table if I didn't get Mew or Omastar. Also, the garter. What? I like to wear them on my head and pretend I'm an angel! *waving improvised pipe-cleaner wand at penis* Harry Potter Penis Spotter, grow, GROW, GROW! Dammit -- nothing.

Epic Pokémon Stadium cake by kashii-tan [albotas]

Thanks to Jenny, who saw a cake fall over at a wedding before and made the bride cry. Me? I would've licked that shit off the floor. I'm a catch!

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