Pink Ranger (Not The Real One) Plays Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme On Violin

July 18, 2011


This is a video of Youtuber laura6683 (who I suspect was born June 6, 1983 if you're into identity theft) playing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme on violin by ear. I'm tone-deaf so I think that's super impressive. Hey, maybe you can hear tones, that's cool. If I'm really quiet I can hear the blood pumping in my head. It sounds like kill KILL KILL KILL. Weird, I know. Mighty Morphin Power Wranglers not your style? Fear not my unfaithful companion, there are videos of her doing the Xena Warrior Princess and Sailor Moon themes (both in costume!) as well as the Game of Thrones and Pokemon ones (not in costume). It's like theme-song Sunday! "It's Monday, dummy." Shhhhhhh -- don't even give it the satisfaction.

Hit the jump for more theme song covers than you could shake a booty at.

Lara's Youtube Channel
The Power Ranger Theme On Violin [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Jordan, who agrees there should have been a clear ranger. OMG -- clear's your favorite color too?!

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