Photo Evidence: Why Off-Brand Crayons Suck

July 29, 2011


It's not like anybody who's ever blind taste-tested them alongside Crayolas would need any more evidence, but here's a photo that helps explain why off-brand crayons suck so bad. Apparently they're made with...I dunno, people? Yeah, plus they make me color outside the lines! "No they don't GW, you just have zero hand-eye coordination." OMG -- ONE MORE WORD AND YOU'RE GONNA GET IT! "Bring it, Captain Uncoordinated!" OH THAT'S IT! *lays myself out with an uppercut*

Scientific Proof That Rose Art Crayons Suck [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Your Father, who apparently reads Geekologie. OMG -- you guys should totally talk about me at the dinner table! "So, how about that Geekologie Writer today?" "Total wanker." "Agreed, pass the Jell-O salad."

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