One Minute Of Quadrocopter Crash & Burns

July 5, 2011


The University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab, in an attempt to subdue me so I don't bulldoze their building down, has posted a one minute video of their autonomous quadrocopters crashing into each other and all around failing at robotic life. I found it, dare I say, humorous? "There's nothing funny about robots, GW -- you taught me that." I did, and that was just a test to make sure you hadn't forgotten. You keep it up and you're on track to become a lieutenant in my anti-robotics army. "Really?!" F*** no, you're laser-fodder and you know it. It is your density. Now make like a tree and get outta here.

Hit the jump for a minute of high-flying fail.

Quadrotor Outtakes [adafruit]

Thanks to Aaron and Fish Man, who like their autonomous quadrocopters how they like their Concorde jets: not flying anymore.

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