NOW WHY YOU DO THAT?: Scientists Create 'Living' Artificial Intelligence From Human DNA

July 29, 2011


Note: Picture unrelated but creepy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Because there is a such thing as evil mad scientists, a group of researchers at the California Institute of Technology claim they've created "an artificial neural network out of DNA molecules and that it can answer questions correctly." Hey, hey artificial neural network -- answer this one for me: how do you feel about hydrochloric acid?
"Burning." DAMN STRAIGHT! *emptying bottle into test-tube*

This rudimentary neural network works on a simple input-output mechanism called a strand-displacement cascade. Essentially, synthesized strands of DNA float around in water and join to other strands that have complementary base pair structures, creating an input. When such a union occurs, a strand of DNA will be shed, creating an output.

In the latest research, the team trained the neural network to play a memory game in which it would correctly "identify" four scientists based on specific yes or no questions--for instance whether the scientist was British.

Players dropped DNA strands representing an incomplete set of answers into a test tube. The network then provides the answer--the identity of the correct scientist--by fluorescent signals.

When presented with 27 different ways of answering the questions, the DNA "brain" responded correctly each time.

What in the...? I don't even know. Granted you could fill a short book with all the things I don't know, but nobody would read it because it would be all the boring shit nobody cares about anyway. I AM AN EXPERT ON EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS.

Researchers build DNA neural network that thinks [cnet]

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, Amy and turtlebone, who don't let anything but Magic 8-Balls do their thinking for them. Smart.

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