Netflix Movie Rental Favorites By State

July 13, 2011


Note: Don't damage your peepers squinting, click HERE to see the map in its full-res glory, GLORY HALLELUUUUUUJAH!

Well with Netflix basically doubling the charge for having access to both DVD + streaming movies, what better way to celebrate the kick in the ass (they were actually aiming for your wallet) than a look at Netflix's 'Local Movie Favorites' by state? "Screw it, I'm going back to pirating movies illegally!" Haha -- now you're talking. Unfortunately, you're talking on an old telephone with a piece of glass between us. *mashing tits against window* THEY LONG FOR YOUR GENTLE CARESS.

US Netflix Local Faves [slacktory]
Check Out the 'United States of Netflix Local Favorites' Map [nymag]

Thanks to chichi, who claims she doesn't care what she's watching just as long as it's under a blanket with her man. *sigh* So romantic.

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