Mushroom Suit Decomposes Your Body After Death (Or Before -- MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!)

July 28, 2011


This is "bioartist" Jae Rhim Lee wearing her 'Mushroom Death Suit', which, despite the misleading name, is NOT a costume from the Super Mario franchise. No, it was designed to decompose a human body after death by consuming it with growing shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Alternatively, throw the body to lions.

Lee's reasoning on using mushrooms, the "master decomposers" to eat her body when she's dead is that it's an environmentally friendly solution. Rather than using carcinogenic formaldehyde to pep a dead body for a casket, she believes confronting your impending death and not falling into denial is important.

The idea is to have dead bodies clothed in these mushroom suits in containers above ground while the schrooms do their thang. Lee didn't mention how long the mushrooms would need to completely decompose a human body.

I'm down. Truthfully, I'm down for pretty much anything as long as the undertaker doesn't go messing around with my privates after I die. Those people are weird, yo. "Hey -- I'm an undertaker!" Exactly.

This trained 'mushroom death suit' will eat you when you die [dvice]

Thanks to Tom, who, despite it's earth-unfriendliness, still wants to be shot out of a cannon when he dies.

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