Move Over, Hypnotoad!: "Lost" Rainbow Toad Rediscovered After 87 Year Absence

July 14, 2011


Three long-legged Borneo rainbow toads, a species last spotted on the tropical island in 1924 and believed to be extinct, were recently discovered by a team of scientists from the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, who were scouring the forests specifically looking for the amphibian. Hmmm....*applies for grant money to hunt down the long-lost piña colada tropical beach crab*

The team had spent months scouring remote mountain forests for the species.

Prior to these images, only illustrations of the toad had existed.

Conservation International, which launched its Global Search for Lost Amphibians in 2010, had listed the toad as one of the "world's top 10 most wanted frogs".

"It is good to know that nature can surprise us when we are close to giving up hope, especially amidst our planet's escalating extinction crisis.

"Amphibians are at the forefront of this tragedy, so I hope that these unique species serve as flagships for conservation, inspiring pride and hope by Malaysians and people everywhere."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'll give you a hint: Skittles. Haha, yes -- taste the rainbow! Now, you lick it first. If, after four hours you haven't died, I'll lick it, then we'll trip our balls off and run around in the forest playing Jumanji or whatever.

Lost rainbow toad is rediscovered [bbcnews]

Thanks to Amanda, who knows it may take a lot of frog-kissing to find a prince, but only one to wind up at the doctor with a warty-ass lip.

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