Massive 'Game Of Thrones' Westeros Map

July 7, 2011


NOTE: Gigantic huge monster honkin' large-and-in-charge full-size full-res holy moly guacamole you better have not spit in my queso version HERE. Also, CONTAINS SPOILERS, PEEP AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This is a giant map of Westeros, the land in which George R.R. (Raymond Richard, NOT Rail Road) Martin's book series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and HBO's film adaptations by the first book's name 'Game of Thrones' (NOT 'Musical Chairs') takes place. It was created by superfan and artist Other-In-Law, who clearly has the skills to pay the bills. Me? My water's supposed to be shut off by the close of business.

Another great map of Westeros [thewertzone]
Crazy Awesome Game of Thrones Map [theuniblog]

Thanks to cam and Xerr, who've never won a game of musical chairs before but did win one of those contests at the fair where you buy a square in a grid and if a cow shits in your square you win. OMG -- COWPATTY BINGO?! I've only cheered harder for turds twice in my entire life.

Grab a sharp stick and meet me in the woods behind Facebook or Tweeter and we'll play our own Game of Stools (they're all my mom will let me bring outside)
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