Looks Explosive: The Mushroom Cloud Lamp

July 19, 2011


The Nuke Lamp from Veneridesign looks like an atomic mushroom cloud. But fear not, Vault Boy (I'm playing New Vegas right now), it's not. It's just a piece of molded plastic. One that costs $1,500. "WHAT THE SHIT?!" Don't ask me bro, I didn't design it -- I'm just a guy on the phone with China seeing who'll manufacture them for me for less than $2.

The plastic body of the foot-tall lamp is ridged enough for the lamp to stand upright and the light assembly inside is a separate piece. If anything ever begged for an orange light bulb inside, this is it.

Admittedly, an orange lightbulb would look pretty sweet in there, but you know what would look even sweeter? An orange creamsicle A green glowstick. That way, if by some act of God you actually do manage to bring a girl back to your bedroom you can be all, "OMG -- shit's gone nuclear! Quick, I'll shield you from the radiation with my wiener!" or whatever. Trust me, it's the best shot you've got. "But I was just gonna impress her with my--" Stop right there. If you say anything followed by "collection" I'm gonna have to punch you.

One more shot (or should I say drop) after the jump.


This Lamp is Da Bomb! [yankodesign]
Mushroom Cloud Lamp: Nuke or Vegetable? [technabob]

Thanks to Patty, who knows GW doesn't get nuclear, he gets nucular. Dammit Patty, wrong GW!

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