Lightsaber Fight Replaced With Acapella FX

July 11, 2011


This is the (epic?) lightsaber battle between Obi Okeydokey, Qui Jong Ill and Darth Maurader or whatever from 'Star Wars: Episode One' with all the sound effects replaced with a dude (the same one who did 'The Matrix' one) making them with his mouth, aka "an acapella multitrack". Impressive work bro, but can you whistle? I can't. Or roll my tongue. OR pronounce r's that don't sound like w's. Basically my mouth is useless. "Not for gobbling dude's wieners!" Good one.

Hit the jump for more "vveeew veeew kkkksssshh" than you could shake an officially licensed lightsaber replica complete with glowing FX at.


Thanks to Ping, who turns down the volume and makes his own sound effects whenever watching a movie at home and has experienced a drastic reduction in movie-night attendance. Shit, I'll come.

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