Let's Get This Canada Day/4th Of July Party Started!: Fireworks In Super Slow-Motion

July 1, 2011



These are a couple videos to get your Canada Day/4th of July holiday weekend kicked off right. The first couple are slow-motion videos of fireworks going off shot with a Phantom at 2,000 frames-per-second. The last one is a guy shooting off fireworks that have little video cameras attached to them. That one is really spinny and'll probably make you puke. Also, the deviled eggs I made for my 4th of July party. Get it?! Because I made them in May. I can't help it, I'm a planner!

Hit the jump for the videos, then go have yourself a (relatively) safe Canada Day/4th of July holiday weekend. I'll be thinking about you when I'm pointing fireworks at my friends. FRIENDS, LOL!

Fireworks + Explodables + Ultra-High Speed Phantom HD Camera = The Best Fourth of July Video [popsci]

Thanks to Brian, katie and Jeremiah (who actually made the second vid), who're no strangers to shooting bottle rockets out of their buttcracks. Pfft, who is?!

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