Laptop Stickers Show You Where To Drill To Destroy A Hard Drive In Case Of Emergency

July 14, 2011


It's 9PM and you just finished downloading your 2,000th bootleg movie when you hear a a siren. Holy shit, the cops are coming for you. What do you do? Well if you're anything like me you don a fake beard and Italian accent and dive out the nearest window crapping your pants. Other, much more prepared individuals might try drilling their hard-drive to destroy any incriminating evidence. Which is where these handy-dandy laptop stickers come into play. You just place them on your laptop over the hard-drive (see your computer's schematic for exact location), that way you know where to put the drill when the time comes. Just a heads up though: if the po-po bust in while you're still making holes they may shoot you after mistakenly confusing your drill for a plasma pistol. And another heads up: if the po-po bust in while you're still making love to yourself you 100% will be made fun of before you can even zip up. Even worse if it was anime or furry porn. Which brings me to my next topic of emergency preparedness: cyanide capsules.

Media Artist Contingency Plan (with the sticker design to print out if you want. Alternatively, make a big X in Sharpie with the words 'X MARKS THE SPOT')
Protect Your Hard Drive Secrets With a Simple Sticker [technabob]

Thanks to Kev, but not Kevin Arnold from "The Wonder Years' (trust me, I emailed him to make sure), who wants to know what you're supposed to do after you realize the cops weren't coming for you after all and were just chasing a speeder but here you are with 10 drilled holey hard drives. Don't look at me -- you were the one that was all high and paranoid!

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