Juan Of The Dead: Cuba's First Feature-Length Horror Film In Over Fifty Years

July 11, 2011


...was Cuba big into feature-length horror movies PRIOR to the sixties?

I probably didn't do the best screen-capping job, but the preview really is worth a watch. 'Juan of the Dead' (actually 'Juan de los Muertos') is a comedic zombie apocalypse movie that takes place in Cuba 50 years after the Cuban Revolution (basically now). I'd definitely watch it, and I typically don't like subtitled movies because I hate reading and I'm a lazy piece of fat uncultured shit. Don't believe me? Watch. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the... "LOSE SOME GOT-DAMN WEIGHT, PORKCHOP."

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile trailer.

Juan de los Muertos Official Site
'Juan Of The Dead' Trailer: An Insane Looking Cuban Horror Film [slashfilm]

Thanks to gabe and Valerie, who're both convinced they'd perform great in a zombie apocalypse kinda situation. Cockiness -- that shit'll get your brain eaten.

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