Insane Portrait-Taking Rube Goldberg Machine

July 12, 2011


This is a 4-minute video of a massive, multi-room sized Rube Goldberg machine that culminates in the taking of a man's portrait (God, just ask a stranger!). I couldn't really find a screencap that would do the machine justice, so it's best if you just watch the video and see for yourself. Feel free to skip around though, you don't have to watch the whole thing. But it is all good. Like me the three days right before Christmas hoping Santa didn't have time to check up on me except last minute. The rest of year?

♫ B-B-B-B-Bad

Bad to the bone ♫

*smashes guitar, puts on sunglasses, blows kiss to a hunk*

Hit the jump for more ball-dropping, balloon popping, things rolling around and hitting other things action than you could shake a camera at while taking a picture and wind up with a blurry-ass photo. Plus a making of video.

Rube Goldbery [2dphotography]

Thanks to michal, who agrees it's way easier when you have another person around to push the button.

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