Impressive Cardboard Superhero Costumes

July 20, 2011


Cardboard: it's so versatile. You can mail things in it, make forts out of it, and even eat it. "You're not actually supposed to eat it." SAYS WHO?! "Anyone with sense." Cents, please, I got dolla dolla bills, young'n! Also: floaty stools. These are a bunch of cardboard superhero/villain made by Flickr user nikejerk3 by he and his friends for last year's DragonCon. Which, I regret to inform you, no real dragons attended. False advertising, I know. Plus they wouldn't refund my admission.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots but they look crappy in low-res and there's a whole bunch more on the artist's Flickr page so if I were you I would just go there. Also: to hell for cutting me off in your car yesterday. I know that was you!






Nikejerk3's Flickr Gallery

Thanks to Lachlan, who once forged an entire suit of armor out of cardboard but was set ablaze trying to save the princess from a fire-breathing dragon.

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