I'm Too High For This: Space-Time Invisibility Cloak Could Hide ENTIRE EVENTS From View

July 12, 2011


According to a couple physicists who should lay off the ganja and drink more beer and buy me a round while they're at it, a space-time invisibility cloak could be developed that would allow a user to hide entire events from the eyes and cameras of onlookers. Haha -- I've batting my peen around like a helicopter but you can't see! "Um, yes we can." Oh shi-shi, daddy needs some new batteries.

Unlike invisibility cloaks--some of which have been made to work at very small scales--the event cloak would do more than bend light around an object.

Instead this cloak would use special materials filled with metallic arrays designed to adjust the speed of light passing through.

In theory, the cloak would slow down light coming into the robbery scene while the safecracker is at work. When the robbery is complete, the process would be reversed, with the slowed light now racing to catch back up.

Steve Cummer, a cloaking specialist at Duke University, calls the concept "interesting and exciting," but he thinks that actually making such a cloak would be "really, really challenging."

"Dammit GW, tell me you did not just post this because dude's name is Steve Cummer." *snickering* Of coooooooourse I didn't -- invisibility cloaks have Geekologie written all over them! Also: my tits in scars I carved with a pen-knife. I'm obsessive!

Space-Time Cloak Possible, Could Make Events Disappear? [nationalgeographic]

Thanks to Melissa, who's even more childish than I am. Aren't you, Melissa? "Goo goo gah gah." Okay now that's too far.

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