I Do: An Automated Wedding Vending Machine

July 12, 2011


The Autowed is an automated marriage vending machine that binds you and your (way more) significant other together forever with black magic a creepy robotic voice and two plastic rings. The best part is it only costs $1, so there's no excuse why your cheap ass can't afford an open bar at the reception. Besides, it's not like anybody actually wanted to come to the ceremony anyways. You gay, bro? Not a problem, the Autowed performs gay marriages as well. Plus BFF ceremonies! It does NOT wed furries though, so you weirdos are still stuck with a moonlit seance in the woods with all your deer and bunny friends or whatever the f*** you're into. Also, REAL furries shouldn't eat meat. That shit's like cannibalism.

Hit the jump for a bunch of detail shots and a video of the I do in action.






AutoWed Wedding Machine [conceptshed]
The AutoWed: Get Married in an Instant [technabob]

Thanks to Christine, who's been married four times and killed four husbands. Damn, black widow! (Keep those tips coming)

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