Homemade 'Alien' Scrap Metal Motorcycle

July 28, 2011


Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn (damn I'd hate having to write that on top of all my homework), the 54-year old proprietor of Thailand's four Ko Art Shops (that specialize in custom scrap metal creations, because you can do that now), went and built himself a tetanus-laden alien (although it does have a Predator-ish mouth) motorcycle. This is it. It...looks like a great way to impale yourself on a giant metal alien head.

Hit the jump for two more shots.



That motorbike is out of this world: Bangkok artist makes drivable sci-fi sculpture out of spare parts [dailymail]

Thanks to Spikey DaPikey, who insists you can't put a price on cruising down the street looking like you're banging an alien.

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